How to Help

Practical ways you can help save turtles

Be a citizen scientist – record all turtle sightings on TurtleSat

Be a turtle warrior – learn all about turtles and their habitat and encourage your friends to value these creatures.

Care for turtle habitat.

Keep pets at home – wild dogs destroy turtle nests, captive bred turtles may carry disease or parasites and releasing them into the wild could harm the wild population.

Control feral animals – this will reduce predation on turtle nests.

Don’t use stainless steel fish hooks as they do not degrade.

Organise a fund-raising event to help Tiaro Landcare save the Mary River turtle.

Mary River turtle public fund

This fund makes it easy for individuals and businesses to help save the Mary River turtle. All monies donated are directed to either conservation or research of the Mary River turtle. Allocation of funds is overseen by a committee of responsible persons from the community. The fund is a registered environmental fund and all donations are tax deductible.

Committee members:

Adrian Ross, Director Wide Bay Seedlings

Barb Hovard OAM, Mayor of Maryborough City Council 2004 – 2008

Graeme Burns, retired Primary School Principal

Dr Yolande Kleise, Agronomist

How to Help

Support Us

Since our Mary River turtle conservation program began in 2001, we’ve supported seven post graduate researchers, and saved thousands of hatchlings. With your help, we can expand our conservation program and continue to discover valuable new knowledge to improve management.

Make a donation and help us prevent the extinction of this amazing species.